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Collaborative Family Law Professionals

Ventura County, California


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Collaborative Family Law--An Effective and Constructive Divorce Process


Most of us know how terrible and destructive the legal process of divorce can be. At best, the experience is one of having strangers (lawyers, judges, experts, etc.) make the important decisions for us. All too often divorce litigation becomes a breeding ground for anger, suspicion, fear and anxiety. This is understandable, because neither the court system, nor the legal rules and procedures, nor the adversarial process were designed to address the needs of divorcing couples. Unfortunately, for most people there has been no effective alternative.


Collaborative Family Law Professionals is a family law sub-specialty that gives people an effective way to resolve their divorces and other family law matters effectively, respectfully and with dignity. This means neither you nor your lawyers will go to court; you and your spouse will not be treated as opposing parties in an adversarial and hostile process. Instead, with the guidance of your specially trained Collaborative Family Lawyers:

  • You and your spouse will take control of your case
  • You will identify the subjects that need to be addressed
  • You will discuss your differing perspectives
  • You will develop and consider alternatives
  • You and your spouse will make all of the decisions
  • The result will be an agreement that is truly yours - not one that is imposed on you