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Praise from Judges and Others


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Ventura County Superior Court:


The practice of Collaborative Family Law is enthusiastically endorsed by the judges and administrators of the Ventura County Superior Court.

The Honorable John R. Smiley, Supervising Judge of the Family Law Departments


Los Angeles Superior Court:


"I recommend Collaborative Family Law for those who are separating or divorcing. It provides legal, financial, and personal support that protects and guides people through the difficult transition with safety, fairness, dignity and privacy."

The Honorable Aviva Bobb, Supervising Family Law Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court


San Francisco Superior Court:


There are many ways to resolve your disagreement without fighting through the courts. There are a number of effective alternate dispute resolution methods available to you. One of the best methods is to work things out by participating in collaborative law.


In collaborative law, two lawyers specially trained in negotiations and conflict resolution represent you and your partner or ex, but only for the purpose of helping you settle your case. These two lawyers can never go to court for you If you and your spouse or partner cannot reach an agreement, you can terminate the collaborative process and go to court, but these collaborative lawyers cannot go to court with you. They are out of a job if they cannot help you reach a mutually-satisfactory settlement.


Please think carefully about the choices that are available to you. Litigation is an adversarial approach. It is expensive, tends to fan the flames of conflict, results in very personal attacks among the parties and is often limited to winners and losers by the end of the case. On the other hand, mediation or collaborative law can result in an agreed upon resolution that is less expensive, less hostile and more creative. The choices you make now can have an enormous impact on you and your children for the rest of you life.

The Honorable Donna J. Hitchens. Supervising Judge, Unified Family Court, Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco


State Of Louisiana:


I think it is completely changing the culture of the conflict. To me the fact that we can go to the collaborative process and empower the people, the litigants, the parties, to make their decisions, to grab control of their future as opposed to come in, say all the bad things they can and hope the judge rules their way. I think this is the front edge of the wave and I predict in ten years this will be the norm.

The Honorable W. Ross Foote, 9th Judicial District Court, Rapides Parish, Louisiana