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Links to Other Collaborative Family Law Groups


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Special thanks to International Academy of Collaborative Professionals for allowing us to use their links!







Alberta/Saskatchewan     top 
Association of Collaborative Family Law (Edmonton, AB)
Contact: Marla S. Miller (780) 482-2888
Association of Collaborative Family Lawyers  (Calgary)
Contact person: Victor Touissignant: collaborativelawyer@shaw.ca
Association of Collaborative Family Lawyers  (Lethbridge)
Contact person: Robert Harvie:(403) 328-8856  rgh@huckvale.ca
Association of Collaborative Lawyers (Medicine Hat)
Contact: Marilyn Herrmann (403) 526-2806
Collaborative Family Law Group of Calgary   
Contact: The Hon. Michael Porter: porterm@cadvision.com
British Columbia            top  
Collaborative Divorce BC (Vancouver)  
Contact: Phyllis Kenney 
Collaborative Divorce and Separation (Victoria)
Collaborative Family Law Group (Victoria)
Collaborative Family Law Group (Lower Mainland)
Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group   
Cathie Heinrichs (250) 868-9454 
Manitoba    top 
The Collaborative Law Association (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Contact: Rhonda Hercus (204) 956-1060
Ontario    top 
The Collaborative Family Law Association of Ontario - Toronto Group
contact:  James MacDonald (416) 971-4802 jmacdonald@macdonaldpartners.com
Collaborative Family Law Association of Waterloo Region (Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo)
Collaborative Law Centre (London)
Collaborative Law Network (Ottawa and Eastern Ontario)
Hamilton-Burlington Collaborative Family Law Group (Hamilton and Burlington) 
Niagara Collaborative Law Group
Margaret Opatovsky (905) 835-1163 
Email: mopatovsky@wilsonop.com
Peel\Halton Collaborative Family Association (Ontario)  
contact  Victoria Smith (905)455 7755   
Quinte Collaborative Law Association www.QuinteCollaborativeLaw.org (Ontario)

Nippissing (North Bay) region
 c/o Jayne Coons at jaynefcoons@on.aibn.ca

Sarnia region
 c/o Janet Whitehead at janetwhitehead@on.aibn.com

Simcoe County(Barrie) region
 c/o Brian Galbraith at briang@drlogick.com

Nova Scotia    top 
Association of Collaborative Family Law Lawyers of Novia Scotia
Saskatchewan    top 
Collaborative Lawyers of Saskatchewan, Inc 
Contact: R. Bradley Hunter (306) 525-6103

U N I T E D    S T A T E S

Arizona                 top

Arizona Academy of Collaborative Professionals (Phoenix)
Contact: Talia Katz, J.D. (602) 953-7688
              Vicki Carpel Miller, MS, CMFT (602) 953-6690
Arizona Association for Collaborative Law  (Northern Arizona)
Contact: Gary Robbins, gary@garyrobbins.com
Arizona Mediation Institute
3636 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1200, Phoenix AZ 85012
The Collaborative Law Group of Southern Arizona
Contact: Deborah Pratte and Natalie Wright: (520) 881-7500 
California             top
A Better Divorce: A Group of Collaborative Law Professionals (Southern California)
Contact: Kimberly Davidson (310) 378-1893
Email: kim@socaldivorcesolutions.com 
Alliance of Collaborative Professionals
Contact: Peggy Thompson (925) 254-0597
Bay Area Collaborative Law Group    (Northern California)  
Contact: Jennifer Jackson (415) 397-1110 sherpajj.aol.com
             Pauline Tesler (415) 383-5600 
Central Valley Collaborative Law Affiliates
Contact: John McDaniel (559) 226-4420
Coalition for Collaborative Divorce ... (Woodland Hills)  
Contact: info@nocourtdivorce.com
Tel. (800) 559-3724
Collaborative Alternatives  (Northern California: South Bay)
Contact: Jean Petrick (408) 973-1001
Collaborative Divorce Associates (Northern California; East Bay)
Contact: Peggy Thompson (925) 253-0700
Collaborative Divorce Lawyers of Marin
Contact: Rodney Johnson (415) 457-9870 imediate@pacbell.net
Collaborative Divorce Solutions (Orange County)
Contact: Leslee Newman (714) 282-1515 LesleeESQ@DivorcePeaceMaker.com
Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego
Contact: Charlene Baron (760) 434-9600
Collaborative Family Lawyers (Ventura County, CA)
Contact: (866) 272-7222
Collaborative Law Association  (South Bay)
Contact: David Weinberg
(650) 329-0851
Collaborative Law Association of Contra Costa (CLACC)  (East Bay)
Contact: Len Weiler
(925) 275-0855
Collaborative Law Section of the Sonoma County Bar Association (No. Cal.)
Contact: Margaret Anderson (707) 546-4677 
Collaborative Lawyers of Northern California    (Shasta County)
Telephone: (530) 243-9400
Contact: Linda L. Seinturier (530) 243-0253
East County Family Law Collaborative Group (San Diego) 
Contact: Peggy Dolan (619) 660-7400 (attysolo@aol.com)
Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association
Contact: Donna Beck Weaver (310) 207-8228
No Court Divorce: Association of Collaborative Law Attorneys   (Santa Clara County) 
Peninsula Collaborative Family Law Group (PCGLG) (South Bay, California)
Contact: Pamela R. Canter (650) 340-2880
Sacramento Collaborative Negotiation Group  (Sacramento)
Contact: Hal Bartholomew,  Michael Jonsson
 916 455 5200 FAX (916) 455-6300  
San Francisco County Collaborative Law Group
Contact: Jennifer Jackson (415) 397-1110; jjdivorce@aol.com
Santa Barbara Collaborative Law Group
Contact: Rachel Wilson rachelwilson@wilsonpettine.com
             Isobel Murray IMMFAMLAW@compuserve.com
Divorce With Integrity (Northern California)
Contact: Betty Ann Spencer (707) 570-2424; BASlaw@pacbell.net
South Bay Collaborative Group (Northern California)
Contact: Nancy Ross (408) 973-1001
Karen Russell (408) 971-7172
Southern California Coalition for Cooperative Divorce
Colorado      top
Colorado Collaborative Family Law Professionals
Contact: Deb Johnson (303) 980-9810
Denver Metro Collaborative Family Law
Contact: sheila@ggfamilylaw.com  (303) 858-8090
Northern Colorado Collaborative Family Law
Contact: Mary K. Council (970) 674-5031
Connecticut           top
The Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Association   www.collaborative-divorce.com
Susan Smith (860) 297-0035  Frances Calafiore (860) 296-1555
Florida                top
Collaborative Family Lawyers Institute  (Miami)
Contact:  Rosemarie S. Roth (305) 596-7303  rlsroth@aol.com
Collaborative Lawyers of Southwest Florida
Contact: Stephen D. Thompson (941) 936-5225
Collaborative Family Law Group of Tampa Bay
Contact: Dean Hoolihan (727) 796-1201
Collaborative Family Lawyers of South Florida
Contact: Iris Bass (954) - 748-9797
Collaborative Lawyers Inc
Contact: Arlene Richman (954) 927-5337
Georgia             top
Collaborative Law Center of Atlanta, Inc.  
Contact: Sarah Cain
Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia  
Contact: Nora Kalb Bushfield (404) 248-1444
Illinois             top
Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois
Contact: Brigitte Schmidt Bell (312) 360-1124
             Margaret Powers (847) 398-1969
Kentucky            top
Northern Kentucky Collaborative Group
Contact: Ruth B. Jackson (859) 291-8055 rbjackson@fuse.net
Kentucky Collaborative Family Law Network, Inc.
Louisiana          top
Collaborative Professionals Group of Central Louisiana
Tel. (318) 715-0252
contact: Jerry Honigman (318) 442-6300
Maryland          top
Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia (www.co-divorce.com)
Contact: James Gross (301) 907-4580 (tglawyers@smart.net)
Massachusetts          top
Mediation For Results  
432 Columbia
Cambridge MA 02139
Contact: Don Meglio (617) 494 0444 X319
Minnesota              top 
Collaborative Law Institute  
Contact : Stu Webb (612) 566 8800
Missouri            top 
Collaborative Law Institute of Missouri
Contact: Karen Plax (816) 942-1900
Collaborative Family Law Association (St. Louis)
Contact: Susan Amato 
Tel 314-727-7122
New Hampshire       top
Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire (Amherst)
Contact: Honey Hastings 
One Overlook Drive #12
Amherst, NH 03031-2800
hhastings@nhdivorce.com or (603) 672-0770
New Mexico    top
The New Mexico Collaborative Family Law Group  
Gretchen M. Walther (505) 889-8240
Email: gretchenw@waltherlarkinabq.com
New York    top
Association of Collaborative Family Law Attorneys (Rochester)
Contact: Sue Brunsting (585) 546-6448
Collaborative Family Lawyers of the Hudson Valley
Contact: Richard Greenblatt (845) 562-0500
New York Collaborative Law Group
Contact: Mark Fleisher (213) 595-0595
Finger Lakes Collaborative Law Association
Contact: Wendy Lee Gould (607) 776-4164
North Carolina      top
Raleigh, NC Collaborative Group 
Contact: Alisa Huffman         
827 N. Bloodworth St., Raleigh, NC 27604
Triangle Durham Collaborative Family Law Group
Contact: John Bowman (919) 493-6464
Ohio            top
Center for Principled Family Advocacy
Contact: Manav H. Raj (440) 352-3391
Collaborative Family Law Council of Central Ohio
Robert N. Wistner  (614) 734-8354 
Collaborative Family Lawyers of Cincinnati
Contact:  Sherri Goren Slovin (513) 241-9844
The Collaborative Law Center  (Cincinnati)
(513) 956-0795 Fax: (513) 721-3383 
Southwestern Ohio Collaborative Law Association
Contact: Jeffrey Kirby (937) 748-1004 JeffKirby1@aol.com
Oklahoma            top
Collaborative Lawyers of Oklahoma
Contact: Malcolm McCollam (918) 582-1414
Oregon      top
Northwest Collaborative Law Institute  
Contact: Laura Parrish (541) 485-6162
Collaborative Family Lawyers of Oregon www.cflor.org
Contact: Kim Gordon (503) 274-9766
Pennsylvania                  top
Collaborative Family Law Affiliates  
175 Strafford Avenue
Suite 210
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087-3107
King of Prussia Collaborative Group
Contact: Kate Vetrano (610) 265-4441, kbvetrano@vetranolaw.com
Texas                     top
Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers (Houston and Southeast Texas)
Contact:  Jennifer A. Broussard (713) 840-9017 jabrou@swbell.net
Austin Collaborative Family Lawyers
Contact: Kelly Ausley-Flores (512) 454-8791  kflores@ausley-algert.com
Central Texas Collaborative Family Lawyers (www.centexcollaborativelaw.org)
Contact: Amie Rodnick (512) 477-2226  amie@rodnicklaw.com
Collaborative Family Law Center of Rockwall
Contact person: Judy Perser
e-mail: easter_attorney@hotmail.com
Collaborative Family Law Practitioners  (Central Texas)
Contact: Jennifer Tull (512) 472-1919 jtull@jennifertull.com
Collaborative Family Lawyers of Houston (Houston)
Contact: Donald Royall (713) 462-6500
Collaborative Law Dallas
Contact: Deborah Slye Miller (214) 559-6173
Collaborative Lawyers of Tarrant County (www.aboutcollaborativelaw.com)
Contact:  Dick Price (817) 338-4633
Dallas Collaborative Law Practice Group    
Contact: Jimmy L. Verner, Jr.: jverner@vernerbrumley.com
(214) 526-5234
Gulf Coast Collaborative Law Network (Houston)
Contact: Maureen Peltier (713) 461-5288
South Texas Collaborative Family Law Group
Contact: Ben R. Chappell (210) 828-2058
Texas Collaborative Lawyers
Contact: Marti klein (214) 706-9046  marti@dallas.net
Utah                top
Collaborative Family Law of Utah (www.collaborativefamilylawofutah.com)
Contact: Brian R. Florence (801) 476-3200; Attyflo@aol.com  
Virginia                top
Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia (www.co-divorce.com)
Contact: James Gross (301) 907-4580 (tglawyers@smart.net)
Washington, DC                top
Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia (www.co-divorce.com)
Contact: James Gross (301) 907-4580 (tglawyers@smart.net)
Wisconsin           top
Advocates Network (www.advocatesnetwork.org)
Contact: Michael A. Loduha (920) 684-7739 
Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, Inc.
Contact person: Diane S. Diel (414) 427-5355