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Collaborative Family Law Professionals
950 County Square Drive, Suite 100
Ventura, CA  93003



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Client Experiences

   "Agreements are Made for Important Reasons"

   "Sometimes Two or Three Meetings is All That's Needed"

   "Difficult Custody Decisions Are Made By Agreement"


   Beltran, Joseph J.

   Blatz, Paul B.

   Bolker, Sandra A.

   Buchanan, Terry Anne

   Buckle, Edward T.

   Calderwood, Rebbecca

   Christiano, Michael F.

   Debbas, Steven A.

   Hutchinson, Thomas J.

   Lamas, Patricia H.

   Loomis, Jan

   Mann, Patricia A.

   Marciel, Julianna R.

   Mcnair, Jeanne F.

   Miller, Paul A.

   Mitnick, Stephen L.

   Mora,Herman P.

   Nelson, Mark A.

   Niedens, Marsha K.

   Norris, Gary W.

   Percy, Michael D.

   Praver, David L.

   Rabbin, Richard S.

   Santo, Donna C.

   Schwartz, David P.

   Soto, Sylvia

   Sundeen, Randall J.

   Taylor, Richard L.

   Viele, Terry J.

Financial Professionals - Accountants

   Susan Carlisle, CPA

   Lorch, Wayne D.

Financial Professionals - Consultants

   Almeida, David

   Bass, Helen K.

Mental Health Professionals

   Cole, Ph.D., James P.

   David, CRC, Gabrielle

   Huang, LCSW, Deborah


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